Joplin Tornado

This is my first attempt at blogging, so please bear with any incorrect spelling or bad grammer.  This is an account told to me by my sister in Joplin Missouri USA concerning events in that city from the evening of May 22 2o11 through May 27 when I was finally able to reestablish communications with her.

On Sunday evening she was hosting a 16 person Bible study group at her home when the tornado warning sirens started sounding.  She said it was truly amazing to hear the prayers and praises to God rising forth from the bathtubs,showers and closets over the noise of the wind.  It’s a brick house, but the roof was slighty lifted on one end and both garage doors disappeared somewhere.  Along with dents and broken windows in the cars, this was minor indeed.

She said that six blocks  to the north of her house is a scene of total destruction.; a strip of the city three fourths of a mile wide and seven miles long is reduced to absolute rubble, and thirty percent of the homes and businesses in Joplin have disappeared.

On Monday morning her husband and two sons and their wives went into the devastated area and began helping people recover family members and possessions.  They would encounter families who lost everything, bring them back to the house for a hot meal and showers, and minister to them in any way they could.

On Tuesday morning her brother in law arrived in a two and a half ton truck that the people in the church he attends in Tulsa, Oklahoma had crammed full of food and clothing. They drove back to the devastated area and gave it all out to the people in need, and have continued to help throughout the week.

What my sister and her family are doing is not unique; people from Joplin, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Littlerock and Kansas City are there doing similar things.  This is simply a case of people who love Jesus Christ pouring His love out on the people who so desperately need it.

Why is the Joplin situation so different from the tornado scene in Minneapolis or the hurricane in New Orleans, where people were looting and killing each other? It is because this is “Bible Belt” country, where people have a deep seated belief in Jesus, and put their faith into action on a wider scale than you would see in other parts of the country. 

In my life I have experienced severe earthquakes, war, a typhoon and various other grim facets of life. I have also experienced joy, contentment and peace. I have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter what happens to me, it matters how I live my life through what happens.  I see this is also the case with a lot of folks in Joplin, after seeing them being interviewed on the news broadcasts and hearing them put their trust in God.

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